Cala Luna

Cala Luna - one of the wonders of the Gulf of Orosei and a visit card of the east coast of Sardinia. It is found on most posters, postcards, and every advertisement for the region.
This picturesque and unique beach can be reached in two ways - by land or by sea.  
Option 1 is a two-hour hike starting from Cala Fuili (15 minutes away from our location),  option 2 is a boat - for example gommone as part of the trip we'd love to organize for you.
Cala Luna is worth visiting in the off-season when it is quite empty ... or be tempted to take a trip to see the breathtaking sunrise

Goroppu Canyon

It is said to be the Grand Canyon of Europe. The gorge, with which numerous legends and superstitions are related, is a place of occurrence of several endemic plant species. It can be accessed by several different ways.
You can choose a jeep trip, regular trekking or trekking with elements of canyoning.
Starting point is only 20 min away from our house.

Galleria Vecchia in Dorgali

The tunnel that connects the view of Dorgali with the view of Cala Gonone was built in the years 1838 - 1860. It runs at an altitude of 915 m above sea level. It is also the end of the footpath leading through the city park in Dorgali.
A great idea for a not too long and tiring trip with beautiful views and the possibility of going down to Cala Gonone by the sea.

Grottone di Biddiriscottai

A beautiful location that will satisfy the most demanding trekkers and the diversity of the landscape and the multitude of climbing routes will delight all climbers. It is located just a 25 minute walk away from the port of Cala Gonone. Another grat idea for a not too long and tiring trip with beautiful views and private places for sunbathing and bathing.

Grotte del Bue Marino

One of a favourite destination among nature lovers and the ideal union between sea and mountain. Bue Marino is one of the main attractions of the Gulf of Orosei and one of Sardinia's most beautiful and famous caves, a spectacle of nature that will forever remain in your memory.
You can reach it from Cala Gonone by yourself (SUP, kayak ect) or by taking part in an organized excursion.

Grotta Ispinigoli

The place of 'residence' of the largest stalagmite in Europe. Absolute must see if you are in the area. You will enter into a timeless place, a masterpiece of nature, and you will discover its fascinating history.It's open whole year but in the season you can additionaly step by to a restaurant and cafe right next to it.
The parking is only 15 minutes away from our location.

Cala Fuili

A beautiful, intimate beach. The place from which the trekking to Cala Luna starts. Fantastic climbing area. End of the trekking, which starts high in the mountains. Cala Fuili is a place with which you will fall in love at first sight and you will always want to come back to when you are in the area.


A city that in the old days was known for robberies, which were the main source of income for local bandits. It was also an arena of fighting between the civilian population and the army, which was eagerly trying to open a training ground in its vicinity. Today, it attracts tourists with its over 360 murals, many of which depict scenes related to its history. In the square from which the tours depart, you can try local dishes and wines in high season and buy souvenirs.

Cala Gonone Aquarium

Mainly attracting tourists with children. A small but beautifully showing the underwater life of an aquarium, in which only a glass separates us from many species and creatures that can only be found deep under water.

Tiscali Archaeological Zone

A mysterious Nuragic settlement located in a cave on top of Tiscali Mountain. It is a real architectural gem created by Mother Nature herself - this extraordinary rock formation was a natural shelter and was an independent town for the ancient inhabitants of Sardinia.
One of the island’s most popular trekking destinations, hidden in the heart of the mountain.
Starting point is only 20 min away from our house.

golfo di Orosei

The city that gave the name to the whole bay is a famous tourist destination full of charming alleys in old town, cafes and restaurants.
The beaches of Orosei are vast and in places beautifully wooded. Our favorite is Su BarOne beach on the way to which you can admire the ponds with mussels. In some parts of the bay you can come across clam farms.

Cala Gonone

The most famous tourist town and Dorgali seaside district. It used to be a small fishing village back in the days. The coastline nearby is partly inaccessible due to high cliffs descending in to the sea. Cafes, souvenir shops, beautiful beaches and the possibility of excursions in many directions, both by sea and land.

supramonte di baunei

Supramonte in the area of Baunei. The plateaus, the gorges and the sheer rock faces disappear on the horizon, so far away that they look like a separate continent, a land that will captivate you and allow you to discover the green heart of the Nuoro area, the heart of Sardinia.

Supramonte di Dorgali

Supramonte in the area of Dorgali includes many locations of high natural value, a karstic system that goes from Grotta del Bue Marino and Grotta del Fico near the sea, to Ispinigoli, Sa Oche, Su Entu, Corbeddu and Su Gologone on the ground. It's been inhabited since ancient times and was an important area from the geological point of view.
It contains a wide variety of landscapes, wild and shaped by the weather, with a thousand different faces and access roads that often open up directly onto the sea.

Grotta del Miracolo

A large and beautiful cave which name suggests its value - it is a miracle of nature that appears among blue landscapes, ancient forests, steep cliffs and limestone monuments, the pearl of Ogliastra. The cave is 200 m along which you can admire the scenery full of columns, stalactites and stalagmites creating a real state of the art.

Passo Silana

The mecca of motorcyclists traversing the legendary SS125 is also the starting point for trekking to Su Gorropu.
The  restaurant on the pass (closed in low season) serves great snacks, unique coffee and beer served in specially frozen glasses. After returning from a day trip or during a break from the numerous asphalt bends, its taste cannot be compared to any other.

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