Door's open, beds made. Welcome to Safeheaven.


On the ground floor there are 3 bedrooms and 2 shared bathrooms with basic equipment such as cosmetics and a hair dryer. In each room you will find a set of towels, a place for clothes, bedside tables with bedside lamps.

On the first floor you will find a large communal kitchen with a dining room equipped with a coffee and tea corner and a fireplace and on the top floor - another bedroom, big bathroom, gym and access to the lower terrace with stairs leading to a large, usable roof. All created with 'zero waste' philosophy in mind.


We have 4 thematic rooms available at our guests' disposal:

Ocean Room - double bed with a possibility of additional single bed, small fridge, fireplace

Traveler Room - 3 single beds with a possibility of different adjustment and / or additional single bed

Moto Room - 3 single beds with a possibility of different adjustment

Yoga Room - 4 single beds with a possibility of different adjustment and / or additional single bed, small fridge

regarding breakfast...

We try to keep a healthy lifestyle and that's exactly what we will try to talk you into. Selection of fresh cold cuts, cheese, veggies, porrige and eggs in all forms will be accompanied by beverages of your choice and an occasional freshly baked croissant to keep the italian standard. Our baking products are available when we find the right products to make them.

we keep our standards high

We will never let you try something we haven't tried or cooked before.
We buy local, we buy fresh and we are always in pursuit of new tastes which the island provides.

safeheaven = safe transfers

One of the services we provide are transfers (mainly from and to the airport).
We can pick you up anywhere on the island and we can comfortably transport up to 8 passengers at the same time.

Prices to be agreed depending on the number of participants, distance to be traveled and the time of the year.

why barbagia?

Barbagia is the oldest region in Sardinia.
It's where it all began.

Locals call it 'an island within an island' and they are not far from the truth...
Local customs and language. Homemade wines, cheese, pasta and ice-cream. People with an attitude that cannot be found anywhere else on the continent. The mixture of mountains, picturesque trekking routes, sea with beautiful beaches, best climbing spots in Europe and the best motorcycle routes on the island defined our place on Earth here. And THAT is what we want to share with you.

the team

We are passionate about physical activity, and although each of us has a different approach to it, we find common groun under water, in the mountains and in the saddle of a motorcycle.

We love to travel and we want to show other people what Sardinia looks like through our eyes. We want our home to be a port to which you will come back from every little trip.

We are your island within an island.
We are Safeheaven.

tomek about kasia

The epitome of serenity.
A real unicorn.
Thanks to her, I can call our house a home.
She can rest by doing nothing, which forces my active soul to cry.
She always appreciates fine food and old wine, but she will not despise porridge either.
Above all, she appreciates small pleasures and accepts each day with a smile that does not leave her face all day long.
It does not leave her face at night too.

kasia about tomek

The element of fire in our team.
He squeezes life out like a lemon, making sure that not even a single drop is lost. On daily basis a storyteller with stories and jokes popping out of his sleeve.
He will always listen and advise. Sometimes he will have your back and sometimes he will motivate to action.

He loves to help people and save them from various oppressions and at the same time expresses his opinion and communicates boundaries very openly. He will plan a trip from A to Z, take great photos on it, feed you well and ensure that your glass is always more than half full.

Discover the italian paradise

Let us be your host and guide.

All we want from you is to have a good time, we will take care of the rest.

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